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Interior Paints

Our interior paints are specially formulated for a smooth finish and long-lasting beauty, making your walls stand out with elegance.


Exterior Paints

Our exterior paints provide excellent coverage and protection against harsh elements, giving your property a stunning look for years to come.


Decorative Finishes

Our decorative finishes offer unique textures and sheens, allowing you to express your style and create a personalized ambiance.


Specialty Coatings

Our specialty coatings provide customized solutions for specific needs, such as anti-microbial coatings or industrial-grade finishes, ensuring superior protection and performance.

Common Queries

How long has Nagina Paints been in business?

Nagina Paints was founded in 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan, and has swiftly become a respected name known for premium quality paints.

Are Nagina Paints products environmentally friendly?

Yes, Nagina Paints is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly paint options that prioritize environmental responsibility without compromising quality.

Where can I purchase Nagina Paints products?

Nagina Paints’ top-tier products are available nationwide, with multiple retailers and dealers ensuring easy access to our high-quality paints.

Do you provide custom color matching services?

Yes, at Nagina Paints, we understand the importance of getting the perfect shade, and our color experts offer custom color matching services to meet your unique needs.

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